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Hey beautiful,

I am Joyce Yuen, 38 years young, from Dutch, Chinese and Tibetan roots and founder of Yinka Treatments Ibiza. I offer holistic energetic balancing treatments and feel deeply honored to share my gentle facilitating support and nourishment. Your body and soul will be invited to purify and restore to your innocent state of being. A blissful and deep relaxation.

When I was young I was educated by my shamballa teacher to facilitate the balancing multidimensional energy with my team of guides to support the selfhealing ability of my clients. I have studied different kinds of meditation & visualization practices, mindfulness, shamanic wisdom, old ancient rituals, healing with the voice, breathwork and releasing bodywork. I have joined many women circles and an intensive one year training ‘Return to the sacred female sexuality’. Together with my beloved I study the ancient wisdom of tantra and the Chinese healing Tao practices to vitalize your health by awakening your life-force energy. I have been trained as an integral massage therapist.

As a social work graduate I have worked with teens and their parents and homeless people with addiction problems for a period of 10 years. Working passionately from a deep desire to help others, I ended up having a burnout. Bit by bit I have started to trust and follow my inner voice. By starting to be compassionate with myself, I have learned to say ‘No’ to anything that did not resonate with my inner being anymore. This was actually a big ‘YES’ to myself. I started to love myself and my feeling of inner freedom expanded. My energetic ability to nourish, give and support in healing expanded even more when I started honoring myself first. Honoring myself by embracing my curves, being open and vulnerable with myself and feel and observe all that needs to be seen and felt. Every day I have my moment of silence where I feel grateful for the beautiful moments in my life.


Since April 2018 I live with my beloved Jeroen and maine coone cat Shanti in Ibiza in the house we had already seen in our visions and daydreams. We feel so grateful to live and work at this place embraced by the nature of Mother earth, the beautiful sea view, the breeze and the sound of the rolling waves. Every evening we enjoy a new alchemy of colors in the sky. We celebrate the beauty and intensity of life in all aspects and it brings us joy, fulfillment, calmness & trust.

I wish you to be open to awaken and receive the true knowledge of your feminine wisdom. Feel welcome to start honoring your body, the temple your soul lives in. Feel welcome to offer yourself or a beloved the gift of one of my treatments. Feel free to ask me anything that comes up or to book your treatment.

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