YinKa's Sacred Treatments Ibiza

Relax. Rejuvenate. Return.

"​​A sacred compassionate touch.
That moment of devote honoring the wisdom of your body, is healing to your soul"​​


Shamballa Holistic energy treatment

Purify your body, release anything you don’t need and feel renewed energy. Some people experience this as a healing treatment on deeper layers.  


Intuitive relaxation massage

Pure attunement to your body because every body is different. Relaxation in it’s purest form for your muscles, tissues and fascia. 


Sacred massage

A invitation to surrender deeply into the beauty of loving caring touch. A sacred treatment that might awaken your deepest essence and potential.  

Hey Beautiful,

I am Joyce, YinKa from Holland with Dutch, Chinese and Tibetan roots. Some people see me as a modern playful priestess of Gaia and I think it suits me well. It feels as a calling to honor the sacred Divine Feminine. In my treatments the body is the portal to deeper wisdom where I guide the lifeforce energy to stream more fluently. Pure attention in touch adapted to the needs of your body, touches on deeper layers of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

I guide women to live according to their natural cycle & wisdom. Supporting women to awaken profound knowledge we seem to be forgotten.
I guide men to relax into the He-Art of receiving, awakening the strength of vulnerability.
With a deep feeling of gratefullness, I welcome you warmly.

Joyce YinKa

I said to my body softly; "I want to be your friend." It took a long breath and replied; "I have been waiting my whole life for this."

Nayyirah Waheed

1 on 1 Retreat

Our body knows and our soul whispers…
I welcome you to listen to the whispers of your body and your soul.
This might be the empowering, awakening, healing, transforming journey to recharge your wellbeing…
Embraced by the nature of mother earth, the sounds of the waves on the magical Island IBIZA.
Do you feel a ‘Yes’ in your body…?
Maybe my one on one Retreat for women is calling to you…

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Issa Issa

female entrepreneur, Holland

Dit is wat iedere vrouw zich zou moeten gunnen. Dit gaat zoveel dieper. Joyce laat je connecten en helen met je diepste zelf tijdens een Sacred Goddess Treatment waardoor je een veel diepere connectie met jezelf en creatie kracht ervaart 

Maria Grijpma

writer & female entrepreneur, Holland

Joyce has golden hands and uses her goddess intuition for you. I was in her cosy place at Ibiza last september and no idea what she was doing! But afterwards I felt energetic and full of love and light and renewed energy. Yes, like a Goddess indeed.
Maria, with love.

Dwaine Dougan

acupunturist, Canada

I had a very nice treatment from Joyce yesterday. During the treatment I was very relaxed but also present…. Feeling different things happening in my body. For the rest of the day I felt very good. Relaxed but lots of energy moving…..

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